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Video Marketing: Building More Value For Your Home

Give us 6 weeks and we’ll get you sold!


We offer 6 week Listing contracts! No fluff and no gimmicks. The first 6 weeks is statistically your best chance to get the highest offer on your home, and we want to be accountable to that. You pick the price, give us a 6 week listing agreement and we will take care of the rest.

Call our listing division directly at (250) 372 – SOLD (7653) and let’s get started!

Step one.
Describe your home for comparison.

Step two.
List or describe any important features.

Step three.
Tell us how we can contact you.

In 2016 we shot a very popular web-series called #6weekssold here in Kamloops. Take a behind the scenes look at how the process of Listing a home with Jeremy Reid and his Team works!




Marketing a home in today’s competitive market takes a completely new approach to stay ahead of the curve. Our goal is to give our Sellers an advantage in every aspect of the Home Selling Process.

The importance of Buyer “Demographic matching” and using today’s social media to leverage it. It’s no secret that every Buyer will see a different value in your home. The Investor looking for the “best price” is not going to pay the same as the Buyer who loves the area, has kids who need to go to a specific school and maybe even have family that live on the block. The type of Buyer you attract will directly impact the Sale of your home. We have a division of our Team dedicated to targeting the right type of Buyers for your home and placing your Listing in front of them. This is a major secret to our success! Domination of these tools is what gives our Clients the results that we do.

For more information about our tailored marketing plan and the great programs we offer, fill out our contact form below!

Step one.
Describe your home for comparison.

Step two.
List or describe any important features.

Step three.
Tell us how we can contact you.


**Exclusive to our Team** We have teamed up with Mastermind Studios to provide a unique advantage to our Clients called Micro Documentaries. Every home has unique qualities. In an effort to bring these forward along with giving the Buyer an emotional connection to the home, we create individual documentaries and use our network of respected Business Owners in Kamloops to come give third party social proof to the advantages of your home! Also, our contractors will come in and do work to enhance your property ahead of time and only get paid upon completion! Need some work done that would increase your home’s value but don’t have the time or funds to do it? Ask us about this great program!

For more information about our micro documentaries, complete our contact form.



Need more time to tell your story? Our Executive documentaries can help deliver an impactful marketing piece to ensure all details are portrayed to the Buyer!

Creating a virtual tour can be highly effective in certain scenarios and these 4k tours can really help!

(Pro tip, these are amazingly effective when you are targeting out of town Buyers and looking to evoke a bidding war).

For more information about our virtual tours, complete our contact form.



In Real Estate, it’s all about Location Location Location! You’ve heard this over and over but how do you effectively sell the area of your home? We’ve taken care of that for you by creating documentaries on every area of Kamloops which will showcase the best parts about your neighborhood. All of these videos will be used to accompany all of our Listings. Out of town Buyers find them particularly helpful!

For more information, complete our contact form.


Having the right photography done on your home is a vital piece of the puzzle to getting Buyer interest. Overselling your home with too much Photoshop and fish eye lens can almost be as bad as dark bad angle photography. You want your photography to subtly accent the features of your home while giving a realistic view of your property to not lead to Buyer disappointment. Dennis Owen is the master of this. Take a look at episode 9 of the #6weeksold where we showcased Dennis as he walks through what it takes to properly photograph a home!

For more information about our professionally taken photographs, complete our contact form.

We offer full transparency of our Commission Plans. Not only do we let you know up front what our rates are, we also offer an Over-Under Guarantee along with written marketing proposals so you know exactly how much of the commission is being spent directly on marketing your home and how much we stand to profit. Remember, a properly executed marketing plan will sell a home for more money and in less time than a poorly outlined marketing plan so one of the best investments you can make is choosing the right commission plan coupled with the right marketing plan.


Commission Packages:

“Enhanced Program” 6% on the first $100,000 and 3% of the balance.

“Premium Enhanced Program” 6% on the first $100,000 and 3% of the balance + $1495 (Only payable upon sale of your home. Over-Under Guarantee Applies)

“Premium + Enhanced Program” 6% on the first $100,000 and 3% of the balance + $2495 (Only payable upon sale of your home. Over-Under Guarantee Applies)

We will review all packages and inclusions together so that you can decide which one is the best fit for you!

For more information about Jeremy’s Commission Packages and the Over-Under Guarantee, fill out the contact form below.


Jeremy started his career in Real Estate back in 2009. His very first listing sold in just 4 days! In 2012 Jeremy joined RE/MAX Real Estate Kamloops in the pursuit of excellence and his zest for continued education to become the best he could be in his chosen field. Since then Jeremy has earned the RE/MAX 100% club award in 2014, the Platinum Award in 2015 & 2016, ranked in the Top 10 in 2015 & 2016 and topped it off by being inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame by his 30th birthday. Jeremy never settles for mediocrity when it comes to his clients. In 2016 Jeremy started the Legacy Real Estate team with 1 member and since then he has grown his team with Buying Specialists who are the cream of the crop. Jeremy’s true passion in Real Estate is in Listings. Jeremy showcased his selling system in Kamloops’ own Reality show #6weekssold where he featured 10 properties from all different scenarios and sold 90% in the 6 weeks and for 1.5% more than the board average!

My Team

In the dynamic Kamloops real estate market, the real estate professionals that you choose to work with play a huge role. To ensure your success and satisfaction in your Kamloops real estate transaction, work with a team of dedicated Kamloops experts who can guide you from start to finish. Learn more about The Legacy Real Estate Team. We are honest, knowledgable, hard-working professionals.

Team member image
Carly Debeeld Team Manager/Unlicensed Assisstant

Carly started working with Jeremy in 2014 and has been a key player in the Team’s growth ever since. When you work with The Legacy Team as a Buyer or a Seller, you’ll see why Carly is such an important Team member and why our Client’s have been so happy with our service. Carly is our Team Manager and Closing Coordinator. She will make sure that no detail is overlooked and that your experience from start to finish is as stress free as possible. Communication and guidance is an extremely important aspect. Carly has a wealth of experience and knowledge with Real Estate contracts and processes so if you have a question and your Agent is in an appointment, Carly is always available to answer. We are very lucky to have her!

Team member image
Katherine Whitehead Realtor - Buying Specialist

Katherine has been in the business for almost 2 years and was recruited to join RE/MAX in July 2016 due to her undeniable talent. Katherine has seen large success in her career, and in January of 2017 The Legacy Team was luck enough to recruit her as one of our Buying Specialists. Katherine’s move to work exclusively with Buyers comes from her competitive drive and pursuit for mastery. She has no interest in being a good Agent, she wants to be the best and it shows in her work ethic. She has a large appetite for education and a deep care for her Clients. Check her testimonials and you’ll see why you want Katherine in your corner!


Team member image
Katie Braz Realtor - Buying Specialist

Katie joined the Team in July of 2016 and has been unstoppable ever since! Katie embodies what every savvy Home Buyer looks for in an Agent. She is attentive, smart, has an unbelievable memory and follows through on everything that she promises. She’ll not only guide you through the process, but she’ll make sure you get the right house at the right price every time. In her first 6 months Katie sold more homes than most seasoned Realtors sell in a full year, and she’s just getting started! You can rest easy with this Rising Star as your Buying Specialist!

Team member image
Cheryl Tenzer Realtor - Listing Assistant

Cheryl was first recruited by Jeremy and The Legacy Team in late 2016 and joined the Team to assist Jeremy on the Listing side in 2017! Cheryl has an impressive background and it only made sense to have her skills and abilities add to the overall presence of our Listing Division. She is extremely professional, while remaining personable and helpful. Our Clients love Cheryl and she is a vital part of our Listing Division!

We will have no problem referring him as a great realtor

Jeremy did an awesome job! We will have no problem referring him as a great realtor. Jeremy has a plan and as long as you follow it, it works great!

Steve and Nereda Hygh

Jeremy really had our best interests at heart

We were very fortunate to have had Jeremy as our realtor. He provided us with the most honest and accurate market evaluation of our home. Jeremy really had our best interests at heart. We will not hesitate to highly recommend Jeremy to any of our friends or family who are considering selling or buying homes.

Kathy and Sinclair Dalgleish

Jeremy looked after us so well

Right to the end Jeremy looked after us so well and most of all he is honest and genuine and does his job to the fullest. Thank you Jeremy for taking such good care of us and our home.

Allan and Heidi Storm